Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mary and I went up for a couple of days of cabin work. However, we made time for a ride on a new bike trail in the Ottawa National Forest out of Watersmeet. It is brand new, beautiful, with crushed gravel and is challenging with many hills. Fortunately, there are valleys too.

Based on a recommendation, we ate dinner one evening at the Dublin Sports Bar on North Twin Lake on Highway K. It recently opened after remodeling. It was the former Huettenbar Resort where we sang karaoke a few years ago. This is the view we had during dinner.

We got quite a bit of work done as was our intent. We applied Weatherall UV Guard to the lakeside of the cabin. It goes on white but dries clear.

I noticed in a photo album of 1989 construction that we had a much better view of the lake then. So, I commenced to a couple days of chain saw work, taking down Balsam pine only. They are weed-like trees, popping up everywhere. They grow fast and die fast from disease, tip-overs, or breaking off in high wind. We’ll have a big fire on the beach before the snow sets in. Taking them out improves our view and gives room for the better maples, white pine and red pine.


Early August is a traditional time for Linds to join us for a few days at the cabin. This is one of my favorite times of the year when the blueberries come ripe. We’ve picked quite a few this year; next up are the blackberries and raspberries.

Before Mary and I arrived, Linds prepared this nifty sign, “Hendrickson HideOut” which is now posted by the gate.

We took an annual trip into Book World in Eagle River, enjoyed a bike ride on the Land O’ Lakes forest trail and just took it easy reading, going for walks and picking berries.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We got away to the cabin for 5 superb summer days. Great weather which allowed pleasant bike rides and a fine round of golf at the Gateway Golf Club. Here are a few pics of the trip.

The hosta garden is in full bloom and here I am watering the garden before dinner on Saturday night. We have about 90 different hostas in the garden and a good-sized deer fence to protect them.

We enjoyed two bike rides with Glenn and Peggy Hojem. The first was a 17-mile trip on the Land O’ Lakes trail, and then a 12-mile trip from Sayner to St. Germaine. This pic is of Mary and Peggy along that trail.

I have mentioned before our efforts at tree rescue, that is, when we dig up small seedlings that are growing under power lines or right next to a roadway. They have no future there so we transplant them into our property. Here is one such transplant, an 8” white spruce that is getting a second chance. This time up north I transplanted 4 white spruce and 4 red pine.

The only rain we received was on Sunday morning the 7th, and it was a 2” downpour. Here you can see our rain gardens at work. And in this other image, the beach just after I put away the sale boat accessories (mast, sail, rudder, dagger board).

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Mary and I made a bounce trip to the cabin – up on Friday and back on Sunday ‑ for what we believe to be the last ski of the winter. A long, snowy winter it has been. When we arrived on April 19th there was still 24” inches on the ground. We were thrilled to be able to ski in late April and what an appropriate way to spend the Earth Day weekend.

We skied 4.4 miles on the Three Eagle Trail Saturday, and on Sunday morning, 2.74 miles on the Land O’ Lakes trail that also goes into the Sylvania Wilderness. Before leaving Sunday we dug the trailer out of the snow beside the driveway.

Goodbye to a great winter. Going in to the season I was not sure I would be able to ski following last year’s knee injury. As it turned out, I skied the most ever, 233 miles in 61 outings. When we left on the 21st, we were certain we were leaving snow for the season. Of course, we thought that 4 weeks ago the last time we headed south.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Just completed is the 20th Annual Great Phelps Ski Invitational. Hosted by Glenn Hojem and I, seven guys participated in this year’s winter adventure from 1-4 March 2013.

Attendees, above, included from left to right, Paul Montague, me, Gary Greene, Glenn, Mark Hanson, Bob Anderson, and Jerry Collins.

We got started with a 6.7-mile ski on Friday at the Three Eagle trail. Saturday featured a country breakfast at our cabin, then off to Afterglow Lake Resort where owner Pete Moline grooms the finest trails in North America. We skied various distances and a couple of the guys enjoyed the woods via snowshoe. I skied 6.7 miles here.

We went back to the cabin for lunch and Gary, Mark, Jerry and I went to the trail outside of Land O’ Lakes. This was a late-afternoon ski and the sun, low in the sky, was pretty neat. Here’s an image as we skied into the sun, heading into the Sylvania Wilderness.

On Sunday we went and walked around Klondike Days then headed to Sayner and a rip-roaring 4.7-mile skate-ski on Razorback Ridges. This is a challenging course and we all handled it well. The snow and grooming was superb and we were proud to take on such a course. A few years ago this trail would have intimidated us.

On the way back to Madison Monday, Gary and I stopped by the Nine Mile County Forest near Wausau and skied 3.7 miles here. We were exploring new ground on this trail. Nine Mile is a great course and we want to ski this one again. Here I am at the sign indicating 2K to go.

In terms of my own mileage, I skied more than 25 miles on this trip. For the season I am just over 181 miles and may have a shot at 200. It all depends on how much snow we get and how long it lasts. Think snow!